Sky UK in Switzerland

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In Switzerland, of course, you can receive English television. This is made possible by the modern technology via satellite, thanks to which English TV can be easily received in Switzerland. Sky UK in Switzerland needs only one satellite dish on the roof and you are good to go.

Requirements for Sky TV in Switzerland

Thanks to Switzerland’s relatively central location in mainland Europe, the reception of Sky UK in Switzerland is possible without great preconditions. When choosing the satellite dish, a size of about 80-100 cm is enough anywhere in ​​Switzerland. The orientation of the dish for the reception of Sky Sports in Switzerland and other programs is then on the satellite Astra 28.2°

In order to be able to watch UK TV in Switzerland, of course the needed hardware also is required in the living room: the Sky HD box. With such a modern Sky HD Box and a Sky UK Viewing Card, you can easily receive English TV in Switzerland.

Which channels and programs are available?

With a total of over 400 channels Sky UK’s offer in Switzerland is extremely large and extensive. Many of the broadcasters also score with a very good picture quality, because in total over 80 of the channels are available in impressive HD quality.

It depends, among other things, which package you choose for UK TV in Switzerland. A total of five packages with different content and different services are available for free and can then be selected. Incidentally, of course, neither for the receipt nor for the permanent use of an English address or an English bank account required, this works with the usual data from Switzerland.

In order to receive and enjoy English television in Germany, neither an English address nor an English bank account is necessary!

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