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The international channel, which is the most watched in Europe, is changing. The “all in pictures” format, which was the hallmark of Euronews, is disappearing, in favour of a format with presenters, analyses and debates.

Euronews World – the English channel –  will have 1-2 hours of live broadcasting in the morning. The other nine editions (in other languages) will also have presenters for their morning show.

Sister Website secures Dish Network and DirecTV USA for yacht clients

We are happy to announce that our sister website which is dedicated to bring pay TV from all over the World to yacht customers and exclusive clientele, has secured a deal to offer Dish Network USA and DirecTV USA.

The footprints for the Caribbean are excellent. Click here to inquire for Dish Network or for DirecTV USA.

(Services only available within the footprints and in North America as well as parts of South America)

Discovery Channels moved and now are difficult to receive

Discovery channels have moved to the UK beam, making reception more difficult in some areas of Europe.

The Discovery group of channels, has changed frequencies and satellite beams.
They used to be on the European beam, allowing for easy reception across all of Europe. The UK beam, also known as spot beam can make things tricky for customers outside of the UK.
As a rule of thumb, if you can watch BBC and ITV, the changes should not cause any trouble.

The channels now are on:
12382 H
SR 27500
FEC 5/6

The channels affected by this move area :
Discovery Channel UK
Animal Planet Europe
Discovery Channel UK +1
TLC Ireland
Quest Red +1
Investigation Discovery Ireland
Discovery Science UK
Discovery History
Discovery Home & Health UK
Discovery Turbo UK
Discovery Channel Ireland

If you need help, contact us because we offer other TV platforms carrying this channel.

Fox News taken off Sky UK

Aug 28, 2017 – Fox News stopped broadcasting entirely from Sky UK. If this is a channel of importance and if you still want to watch Fox News via satellite in Europe, contact us because we offer TV platforms still carrying this channel. It is gone for good on Sky UK.